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Do you feel it's time to do more to give back, but don't have time, experience or energy to handle it alone?

You’re in the right place; I’m here to help.

Helping You to Increase Your Impact

Nikki reading The Cause Within You

Hi, I’m Nikki! I’m a specialist consultant and advisor to:

✔ CEO’s and Managing Directors of growing companies, who’ve never had a CSR strategy and don’t really know where to start. Seeking to see benefit for their business, they also want to desire to serve and give generously.

✔ Private HNW Individuals, who have perhaps recently acquired wealth, and know they want to do something good to give back, but aren’t quite sure how to do so, when everyone just seems to want your money!

I’m your Trusted, Strategic Advisor, to help you manage your giving and investing to ensure you also win.

I offer a confidential and discrete service, and work exclusively with just 1-2 clients at a time to ensure the best quality service.

My mission is to make it easy for you to make a difference in the world.

❌ I am not someone who’ll baffle you with jargon; clients tend to say how simple I make things seem. Many become close personal friends.

Photo of a hand passing a heart to another

However hands-on or hands-off you want to be, I’ll help you keep things simple.

I help you determine what “Success” in your Philanthropy, Investments or CSR looks like, and then work for or with you to make your goals a reality. I’ll even support you to find the right projects.

It’s time to think strategically!

My services are delivered on a 1:1, and I can travel to meet you in your home, offices, or wherever you like to base yourself. I work under strict NDA’s, am ICO registered and have a current membership of the CIPR. 

Nikki Speaking

Increasing your impact has to be a win:win:win

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, individual Philanthropy or Impact-Focused Investing, it’s my belief that everyone has to win! If someone isn’t winning, everyone loses. So my approach is focused on how I can help my clients make the maximum impact in a way that benefits them, and all those involved.

My experience, spanning twenty years in business and entrepreneurship, philanthropy, charity leadership, PR and working closely with HNWIs and business owners alike, mean I am someone who understands giving, business AND investing.

A breadth of experience; not a one-trick pony

When you work with me, you’re not getting someone who’s stale from years in corporate life! I’m a dynamic, multi award-winning entrepreneur (proper ones, not “pay to play” type awards) and have been a business owner all my adult life. I have worked with start-ups, corporates, charities and all sorts of clients over the past 20 years, and since going “full time” in business when I set up my company in 2017, I’ve never looked back. Slowly my business interests and investments have shifted focus, from “for profit” to “profit-for-purpose”, and Philanthropy is huge in my everyday. Now my priority is to help others to give and increase their impact, when I’m not with my family.

Changing the world, together, is my mission!

Why work with me?

I’ve supported hundreds of wealthy individuals, successful business owners, as well as start-ups and charities, over the years in various capacities. I’m ICO registered so you can be sure your confidential information is kept safe with me.

I work under NDAs with my Private clients, for their protection. I also am a registered member of the CIPR, as on the Corporate Social Responsibility side, PR has a significant role to play. With a degree in PR & Communications, CSR is my specialist area within this field.

I practice what I preach!

As a business owner and investor myself, and as the Chair of Trustees at Registered Charity ‘Free to Fly’ I don’t just do what I do professionally to increase my impact, it’s my whole life’s mission to empower others to fulfil their potential and increase their own impact.

For clients, that means using their resources to make the world a better place for others, and especially the future generations.

I bring passion, enthusiasm and love every moment of my work with all my clients!


Book a call with me today and let’s talk about how we could work together to get you where you want to be, with no obligation. Contact me here for an initial consultation