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A company founder, CEO or business owner – and you want to start doing more to make a difference and give back? Contact me for a free no-pressure call to discuss how I can help with my CSR strategy and advisory services.

A High Net Worth Individual who doesn’t want to be detached from your giving/investing, but would like some help to take the work away? Let’s talk about how I can take the pressure off and bring you satisfaction in your giving or support you to become an impact-focused investor.

An Impact-Focused Female Business Owner interested in linking up with other like-minded women in the UK, and those who’ve founded Non-Profit ventures? My exclusive membership could be right up your street. Check out: Inspire UK

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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

What is CSR?

The simple answer: It’s businesses focusing on what’s important beyond profits, to ensure they make a positive impact on society and the environment.

By embracing CSR, you enhance your brand, attract talent, and build customer loyalty, whilst also increasing your impact. So it’s not just a good thing to do that can really make a difference; it’s smart business too!

Working together, we’ll craft a tailored CSR strategy that’s aligned with your values and goals for lasting success. Ready to make a difference? Let’s meet and discuss how I can help.

How I Can Help You

For all my clients, my work starts with getting to know you. Understanding you, your goals, what really matters. The causes and passions that are close to your heart. The reason why you’re wanting to do more. How much time and energy you want to give, and how much you want to outsource.

Every client works with me slightly different, but depending on your requirements you can have your strategy done and dusted within around 8 weeks as a private individual; usually 12 weeks for companies.

Bespoke Strategy for HNWI’s
Comprises quality time in-person together, with regular meetings plus my time between meetings researching, liaising with you, to ensure I deliver your strategy on time.  Once you have your strategy, you’ll be all set to get on with taking your first considered steps into Philanthropy and/or Impact Focused Investing. Starting from £14,995 + VAT

CSR Strategy for Small Businesses (t/over <£2m)
I’ll help you craft a strategy that you can implement independently, with confidence. Taking into account your resources, budget constraints, goals etc. I’ll consult with your teams and ensure the end result, presented in a PowerPoint format, is one that everyone will be excited to see put to work. Starting from £16,995 + VAT

Implementation of CSR and Giving Services
I can offer consultancy services to facilitate implementation of your CSR strategy, such as liaising with your teams, chosen causes, PR team, marketing team, C-suite, etc. and provide support to companies and individuals.

With any of my services, I can supply a proposal for implementation of your strategy on request including a quote.

My Values

I serve those whose values align, where connection, relationship and collaboration sit at more than a superficial level. Shared values are important to me to ensure I can really add value to my clients. I help those who enjoy quality relationships in life and business. That’s why I’m sharing mine here with you…

My core values:


Kindness I see kindness as the outworking of love. And love is really what I truly believe our world needs most.

John Lennon nailed it when he wrote “all you need is love”. We’re talking deep, platonic love, not romantic love. The kind of love that connects us one human to another as fellow beings who we share the world with.

When we are kind to one another, we build relationships and create space for each other to thrive. And we can be kind in the way we give, invest and treat those we interact with at all levels. Kindness always wins.


Respect -Treating others the way they would wish to be treated and honouring one another in the way we behave is important. I build relationships with people who are respectful of me, themselves, and others, and offer that same respect in return. I treat my clients with the upmost respect and promise confidentiality to all clients as standard.

Not judging, but instead always seeking to understand is part of respect – which also ties in with kindness.


Authenticity– Working well together to achieve your goals requires us to build relationships, which needs us to be honest about who we are and what matters to us – with ourselves and each other.If we hold back, we prevent a relationship from developing in which we can work closely, and the relationship is then hampered. And what’s the point of that?

Love yourself. Love life. Be yourself! And enjoy more fruitful relationships. But you’ll also get further in what you want to do to make the world a better place, when you can be yourself.


Integrity: For me, kindness, respectfulness and authenticity are all a part of integrity, really. Integrity is about honesty and good morals. For me that means: being a person of your word, being reliable in keeping your promises, and being trustworthy with secrets that aren’t yours to share. That’s why you can count on me to do a good job for you as we work together.

Integrity means not using power to manipulate or exploit others and instead caring for them. It means owning your mistakes and not blaming or shaming others. It means being true to yourself and standing up for your decisions. It encapsulates trusthworthiness, reliability and honesty which are very important to me. These attributes are critical in relationships and is a non-negotiable for me and those who I help.

I'm a heart-led leader, are you?

Heart-led leadership is a servant-hearted leadership style where the focus is not how much money we make, but how great our impact is, and how many people we can help. Money follows in business when we serve well and know what we’re doing in business!

Often referred to as “gardeners”, heart-led leaders tend to nurture others well.

We aren’t necessarily all soft and fluffy. We’re kind. But we’re also ambitious, purposeful and focused! We are keen to improve ourselves so we can help others better and show up to the best of our abilities in life.

As heart-led leaders, we are driven by purpose, sometimes multiple purposes, and this causes us to look beyond our own success, to play an infinite game (read more about The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek here). We aim to leave a legacy that is more than our  bank balance. We love to provide opportunities for others to thrive, to impact the world around us, and look after those dearest to us, too.

This is me.

And if it sounds like you too, we’ll probably get along!

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