What Clients Say

“Since I have been working with Nikki, I was able to address issues that were stopping me from growing my business we looked at sales, goals, finances, staffing, clients, contracts. Nikki was able to coach me with both my business which was a great help. We covered a lot in our sessions and there is still more work to do. I would highly recommend Nikki she has a good knowledge of different business and great network of business owners who she has put me in touch who can support me to develop. She is genuinely a lovely person who wants everyone to succeed in what they do. If you need a coach look no further.”

- Ayesha

We started working with Nikki as we felt we’d lost our way and were struggling to balance business and family life. Her input was priceless; the advice and support we were given over our 12 weeks helped us to build our confidence, make guided decisions, and having the accountability of our meetings was a safety net to ensure we were continuing in the right direction. Nikki is a brilliant listener with a knack for getting to the underlying issues. This, coupled with an incredible knowledge base, helped empower us to believe that we could reach our goals. We left with a renewed drive to continue on our journey. I would recommend working with Nikki regardless of your business background. She has a broad range of connections that she regularly signposts to, so she truly is your one-stop shop for building yourself or your business.

- Jen

Since meeting Nikki through her networking group ‘Collabor8 – People in Business’ (which is a fantastic by the way and has done wonders for my business) my confidence in business has improved massively. She is an absolute expert when it comes to coaching and understanding the problems business owners face and what action can be taken to overcome them. Nikki is a kind and selfless individual who really knows her stuff and can add so much value to any business and I have no hesitation recommending her.”

- Kevin

“I had a 1:1 coaching session today with Nikki and came away feeling hugely focussed with a clear sense of direction. Nikki’s skills, knowledge and understanding of coaching a person to support them to develop their business was demonstrated in abundance for me today. I am hugely grateful for having had the opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend Nikki if you are serious about gaining clarity and direction for your business”

- Graham

“When starting my business I was in a bit of a fog and as the months went on I felt I was losing my focus. Someone suggested I should try a coach and mentor to get me back on track. Nikki was amazing, she helped me to see through the fog and got me back on track. After sessions I felt more focussed and positive about myself and my business. Nikki is easy to talk to and I always feel I can talk to her about all my business worries and not feel foolish. I can’t thank Nikki enough for all she has done for me.”

- Natalie

“Nikki is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. She’s extremely patient and friendly. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

- Soraya

“Really great coaching advice from Nikki. She helped me come up with pricing and reminded me the about importance of a sound business plan. I’ve used coaches before, but Nikki really knew what she was talking about and gave me the confidence to shoot higher. Thank you!”

- Laura

“Nikki has been an absolute delight to work with. Down to earth, pleasant, and has a fountain of knowledge to share and direct people in the right direction. She has allowed herself to be available if anyone, such as myself, had any queries regarding business advice. This type of support is very rare, and Nikki is has a high benchmark standard to which others could learn”

- Marcus

“Nikki is someone who is so easy to talk to, you feel you can be open and honest. There is no judgement, only support and practical ideas provided! “

- Donna

“Nikki is incredibly supportive and approachable and I would recommend anyone who has the chance to work with Nikki to do so!”

- Tammi

“Unicorns do exist! Nikki is a true professional who really does understand her industry and almost certainly yours. Her attitude shines through in everything that she does – an unrivalled work ethic coupled with her generosity and truly kind nature. Nikki’s philanthropic approach is infectious. She will give your business value at every turn. 

Nikki recently acted as a consultant for me in several areas which have already had an impact on my business.”

- James

“Nikki helped me to find focus with my business goals through her coaching sessions. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and very professional. I highly recommend Nikki if ever you need a coach or mentor.”

- Charmaine

I have been having 1:1 business coaching sessions with Nikki and in 12 sessions I have gone from not really knowing what I wanted to do, other than having desire to do something, to launching my business with booked taster sessions and a vision for the future. Nikki’s fantastic amount of knowledge on how to build a business and her belief in me, really powered me forwards and without Nikki’s coaching I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now. If you are a new or small business looking for guidance, support and a little push in the right direction, I cannot recommend Nikki enough.”

- Sofie